About our program

The essence of this program is a system of privileges for persons who choose to fly Uzbekistan Airways. Membership in UZ AIR PLUS program gives you an opportunity to travel for free, more comfortably and spend less. Members gain points for flying on all scheduled Uzbekistan Airways flights. The number of points awarded depends on the distance covered and class of the ticket.

When travelling regularly with Uzbekistan Airways you obtain points, awarded at the rate of one for each kilometer flown in Economy Class. You can also earn Extra points when you fly First, Business Class Premium or Business Class. Extra points are awarded at the rate of 50% of kilometers flown for Business Class and 100% - for Business Class Premium or First Class.

When you have collected a certain number of points according to the dedicated zones, you may travel for free, more comfortably and spend less.

How to join the program?

Fill in the application form and pass it to a member of our staff, retaining the temporary membership card for yourself. Present the card when purchasing the ticket at Uzbekistan Airways offices and at the check-in desk at the airport, together with your ticket.
Once you have accumulated 5000 points in your account, your temporary card will be replaced with a permanent "PREMIUM"Card, entitling you to benefits.

Membership is free. So the sooner you join us, the sooner you will get a chance to fly all around the globe for free.

Elite Club

Our loyal passengers can move up to Uz Air Plus Silver and Gold Elite levels and become members of Uz Air Plus Elite Club.
Once you have accumulated 150000 points you will be presented with a "SILVER" Card. As soon as you will accumulate 200000 points you will be presented a "GOLD" Card accordingly and become a member of Uz Air Plus, getting more privileges and services.

Your benefits

  • Free ticket.
  • Class upgrades.
  • Easy participation and no costs.
    Points awarded are valid for 24 months!
    Additional benefits:
  • Business Class check-in procedure.
  • Access to Business Class lounge, irrespective of the service class indicated on the ticket.
  • Extra free baggage allowance.
  • A dedicated telephone number for information and booking.

General terms and conditions

  • The Uz Air Plus program is open to any person 16 years of age or over.
  • Participation in the Uz Air Plus program begins from the date of registration of the application form in the Uz Air Plus Center.
  • Each member may have only one account. The Account and points it contains cannot be transferred to another person.
  • Whenever possible we request that you retain tickets (or copies) as well as original boarding passes.
  • Points are awarded only for flights undertaken from the date of passenger's membership in the program.
  • Numbers are awarded for the flight to initial point indicated in the ticket.
  • Points are awarded for the every part of your way.
  • Points are not be awarded if the ticket is issued:
    • for charter flights;
    • at a group fare;
    • at a children's fare;
    • for free rates;
    • with ID, CH, IN discounts;
    • for lost, unused or out of date tickets;
    • in U or X Class
  • Air Plus points are awarded to a Member who has flown with tickets booked in Q, V, B, H, I classes at the rate of 50% of the kilometers flown.
  • Award tickets and upgrades can be issued for scheduled Uzbekistan Airways flights with fixed dates of travel. Passenger must pay any applicable government or airport taxes.
  • If you discover that any information is not included in your account, the data, route or flight, or of the ticket should be provided to correct the account information. After the data is checked and confirmed the account will be amended.
  • if no points are credited on a Premium Card within 12 months from the date of the last points awarded account may be canceled.
  • if less than 5000 points are collected on the temporary card within 12 months after opening of the account account may be canceled.


ԬѬެެ ֬լѬӬݬ֬ Ҭ ڬ֬ެ ֬߬ڬ, ҬݬѬԬլѬ ܬ ѬѬجڬ, Ѭ ݬ٬ڬ۬ ݬԬѬެ ѬӬڬѬܬެѬ߬ڬ, ݬѬ֬ Ӭ٬ެج߬ ֬֬ӬӬѬ Ҭ֬ݬѬ߬ ڬݬ Ҭݬڬ ܬެ ߬Ѭڬެ֬߬ڬެ ٬ѬѬѬެ. Ѭجլ Ѭ߬ڬ ԬѬެެ, ٬ ݬ֬ ߬ ֬Ԭݬ߬ ֬۬Ѭ "٬Ҭ֬ܬڬ ѬӬ ۬ݬݬѬ" ݬѬ֬ ҬѬݬݬ, ܬݬڬ֬Ӭ ܬ ٬ѬӬڬڬ լѬݬ߬ ݬ֬ ܬݬѬ ҬݬجڬӬѬ߬ڬ.

ܬڬ ҬѬݬݬ ߬ Ӭ֬ ֬߬Ѭݬ߬ ֬ ڬ Ѭ֬ 1 ҬѬݬ ٬ 1 ܬ ݬ֬ ܬ߬ެڬ֬ܬ ܬݬѬ լҬѬӬݬ֬ լݬ߬ڬ֬ݬ߬ ҬѬݬݬ - 50% ٬ ݬ֬ Ҭڬ٬߬֬ ܬݬѬ, 100 % ٬ ݬ֬ ֬Ӭ ܬݬѬ, Ҭڬ٬߬֬ ܬݬѬ ڬݬ ܬݬѬ Ӭ֬߬߬ ܬެ߬.

ѬҬѬ ڬ٬Ӭ ܬݬڬ֬Ӭ ҬѬݬݬ ԬݬѬ߬ Ӭլ֬ݬ֬߬߬ ٬߬Ѭ, ݬѬ֬ ߬ڬܬѬݬ߬ Ӭ٬ެج߬ Ӭ֬ڬ Ҭ֬ݬѬ߬ ֬֬Ӭڬ ڬݬ ֬֬Ӭڬ Ҭݬڬ ܬެ ߬Ѭڬެ֬߬ڬ ٬ѬѬѬ.

Ѭ Ѭ Ѭ߬ڬܬ ԬѬެެ

Ѭݬ߬ڬ Ѭ߬ܬ֬, ڬݬѬԬѬ֬ެ Ҭܬݬ֬, ֬֬լѬ۬ լ߬ڬܬ ѬӬڬѬܬެѬ߬ڬ ܬԬ Ӭ٬ݬ Ҭܬݬ֬, ݬڬҬ ݬڬ ֬߬ "Uz Air Plus". ѬӬ ֬Ҭ Ӭ֬ެ֬߬߬ ܬѬ Ѭ߬ڬܬ ߬ ٬ѬҬӬѬ۬ ֬լӬݬ ֬ ڬҬ֬֬߬ڬ Ҭڬݬ֬ ֬ԬڬѬڬ ݬ֬ Ѭ Ӭެ֬ Ҭڬݬ֬.

֬ެ֬߬߬Ѭ ܬѬ ڬݬ٬֬ ݬܬ լݬ ֬ԬڬѬڬ ԬѬެެ "Uz Air Plus" ߬ѬҬ ҬѬݬݬ. Ѭ ݬܬ ߬ѬҬ֬֬ ֬Ӭ 5000 ҬѬݬݬ Ѭ ӬѬ֬ ߬߬Ѭ ܬѬ "PREMIUM", լѬѬ ѬӬ ߬ ݬ֬߬ڬ ߬ѬԬѬլ.
Ѭڬ ԬѬެެ Ҭ֬ݬѬ߬ ֬ Ҭ֬ ڬ֬լڬ߬ڬ֬ , ֬ ܬ֬ ݬڬ Ӭ٬ެج߬ Ҭ֬ݬѬ߬ Ҭݬ֬֬ ެڬ ߬Ѭ֬ ѬӬڬѬܬެѬ߬ڬ֬.

Elite Club

Ѭ ֬լѬ߬߬ ѬѬجڬ ެԬ Ѭ ݬڬ߬ެ Ѭ߬ڬܬѬެ ߬Ѭ֬ ԬѬެެ, ݬڬ ֬֬Ҭ߬ ڬݬ ٬ݬ ܬѬ. Ѭ ݬܬ ߬ѬҬ֬֬ 150000 ҬѬݬݬ, Ѭ ӬѬ֬ ڬӬڬݬ֬ԬڬӬѬ߬߬Ѭ ܬѬ "SILVER".

Ѭ ݬܬ ߬ѬҬ֬֬ 200000 ҬѬݬݬ Ѭ ӬѬ֬ ڬӬڬݬ֬ԬڬӬѬ߬߬Ѭ ܬѬ "GOLD". Ѭ ҬݬѬլѬ֬ݬ֬ լ߬ ڬ ڬ ܬѬ ӬѬ֬ ݬڬ߬ ܬݬ ԬѬެެ "Uz Air Plus" ڬҬ֬Ѭ֬ լݬ߬ڬ֬ݬ߬ ڬӬڬݬ֬Ԭڬ ݬԬ.

Ѭ ڬӬڬݬ֬Ԭڬ

  • ֬ݬѬ߬ Ҭڬݬ֬.
  • Ӭ֬߬ڬ ܬݬѬ ҬݬجڬӬѬ߬ڬ.
  • Ѭڬ ߬ڬܬѬܬڬ Ѭլ.
    Ѭ ߬ѬҬѬ߬߬ ڬ٬Ӭ ҬѬݬݬ լ֬۬Ӭڬ֬ݬ߬ ֬֬߬ڬ 24 ެ֬֬.

    Ѭ լݬ߬ڬ֬ݬ߬ ڬӬڬݬ֬Ԭڬ:
  • ֬ԬڬѬڬ ۬ܬ Ҭڬ٬߬֬ ܬݬѬ.
  • ҬݬجڬӬѬ߬ڬ CIP ٬Ѭݬ ߬֬٬ѬӬڬڬެ ܬݬѬ ҬݬجڬӬѬ߬ڬ , ܬѬ٬Ѭ߬߬Ԭ Ҭڬݬ֬.
  • ݬ߬ڬ֬ݬ߬Ѭ ߬ެ Ӭ٬ Ҭ֬ݬѬ߬Ԭ ҬѬԬѬج.
  • ֬ڬѬݬ߬ Ӭլ֬ݬ֬߬߬ ߬ެ֬ ֬ݬ֬߬ լݬ ڬ߬ެѬڬ Ҭ߬ڬӬѬ߬ڬ.

General terms and conditions

  • Ѭ߬ڬܬ ԬѬެެ "Uz Air Plus" ެج֬ Ѭ ݬҬ ѬѬجڬ Ѭ 16 ݬ֬.
  • Ѭ ߬ѬѬݬ Ѭڬ ԬѬެެ Ӭݬ֬ լѬ ٬Ѭݬ߬֬߬ڬ ٬ѬӬݬ֬߬ڬ.
  • Ѭجլ Ѭ߬ڬ ԬѬެެ "Uz Air Plus" ڬެ֬֬ ݬܬ լڬ ֬. ֬ ҬѬݬݬ ߬ ֬֬լѬ լԬڬ ݬڬѬ.
  • Ѭجլެ Ѭ߬ڬܬ ԬѬެެ ֬ܬެ֬߬լ֬ Ѭ߬ Ҭڬݬ֬ (ڬݬ ڬ ܬڬ) ڬԬڬ߬Ѭݬ Ѭլ߬ Ѭݬ߬.
  • Ѭݬݬ ٬Ѭڬݬ ݬܬ ٬ ݬ֬ , Ӭ֬֬߬߬ լѬ ߬ѬѬݬ Ѭڬ ѬѬجڬ ԬѬެެ.
  • Ѭݬݬ ٬Ѭڬݬ ٬ ݬ֬ ߬ܬ ߬Ѭ٬߬Ѭ֬߬ڬ, ܬѬ٬Ѭ߬߬ Ҭڬݬ֬. Ѭݬݬ ٬Ѭڬݬ ٬ ܬѬجլ Ѭ .
  • Ѭݬݬ ߬ ٬Ѭڬݬ, ֬ݬ ѬӬڬѬҬڬݬ֬ ެݬ֬:
    • ߬ Ѭ֬߬ ֬۬;
    • ԬӬ ѬڬѬ;
    • լ֬ܬڬ ѬڬѬ;
    • Ҭ֬ݬѬ߬ ѬڬѬ;
    • Ҭڬݬ֬Ѭ ܬڬլܬ ID, CH, IN;
    • ٬ լҬݬڬܬѬ ֬߬߬ެ Ҭڬݬ֬, ٬ ߬֬ڬݬ٬ӬѬ߬߬ ֬߬߬ ѬӬڬѬҬڬݬ֬;
    • ٬ ѬӬڬѬҬڬݬ֬ U X ܬݬѬ.
  • ѬӬڬѬҬڬݬ֬Ѭ ܬݬѬ Q, V, B, H, I ٬Ѭڬݬ֬ 50% ߬Ӭ߬Ԭ ܬݬڬ֬Ӭ ҬѬݬݬ.
  • ڬ٬Ӭ Ҭڬݬ֬ Ӭ֬߬ڬ ܬݬѬ ҬݬجڬӬѬ߬ڬ ެԬ Ҭ ڬݬ٬ӬѬ߬ լݬ ݬ֬ ڬܬڬӬѬ߬߬ լѬ ߬ ֬Ԭݬ߬ ֬۬Ѭ ѬӬڬѬܬެѬ߬ڬ " ٬Ҭ֬ܬڬ ѬӬ ۬ݬݬѬ ". Ҭ Ѭլެڬ߬ڬѬڬӬ߬ ڬݬ ѬӬ Ҭ ݬѬڬӬѬ ѬѬجڬ.
  • ݬѬ ֬ݬ Ѭ߬ڬ Ҭ߬Ѭجڬ, ܬѬܬڬ-ݬڬҬ լѬ߬߬ ߬ Ӭܬݬ֬߬ ֬, ߬֬Ҭլڬެ Ҭڬ ֬߬ "UzAirPlus", ݬ Ӭ֬ܬ ܬڬ ѬӬڬѬҬڬݬ֬ ڬԬڬ߬Ѭݬ Ѭլ߬ Ѭݬ߬ ڬ լӬ֬جլ֬߬ڬ, լѬ߬߬ ӬѬ߬ѬӬݬڬӬѬ.
  • ݬ ҬѬݬݬ ߬ ٬Ѭڬݬ֬߬ ߬ ֬ Ѭ߬ڬܬ ֬֬߬ڬ 12 ެ֬֬ ߬ ߬߬ ܬѬ "Premium" լ߬ ݬ֬լ߬֬Ԭ ٬Ѭڬݬ֬߬ڬ, ֬ Ѭ߬߬ݬڬ֬.
  • ݬ Ѭ߬ڬ ߬ ߬ѬҬѬ 5000 ҬѬݬݬ ֬֬߬ڬ 12 ެ֬֬ Ӭ֬ެ֬߬߬ ܬѬ, ֬ Ѭ߬߬ݬڬ֬